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Oooooh, look, it's the Main Page. Shall we place discussion below, for easy reference?

Matt: As noted by email, I'm happy to play but finding time can be tricky. However, with Louise periodically going off to teach over the weekends, I may be able to wrangle some spare time. As soon as I know the dates for that, I'll make them clear.

As far as settings goes, for a Mage game, I think that a Roman setting could be very interesting – but also parts of me would love to play in a game set in 1960's London – that curious mix of hippies, gangsters, psychedelia, rockers, mods, spies and post-war gloom.

Also, Warren Ellis' free webcomic Freakangels also gives me all sorts of exciting ideas. It's set in the near future.

JC has put up some Setting Details.


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