Mage: The Uncertainty

Setting details

Time for some character information!

Right then. I think I'll set the first session at least in the modern day, in a world that's very similar to our own.

Those who fancy taking part should have a ponder about what kind of PC they'd like to play. The basic premise is that the rules of creation function slightly different for the character, and their belief regarding how things work means that they can consciously control aspects of reality to some degree. You can play someone with some knowledge of the world and culture of mages, or a complete independent. Characters can be any age and from anywhere in the world, so in many ways it will indeed begin a little like "Heroes". Characters can be as normal or wacky as you fancy, although I will of course be making suggestions and alterations if any PCs would otherwise "break" the game.

We already have an unusual high-energy physicist, a Jedi Cop and a strange martial artist on the stage. Who else, eh?

The game world has a few archetypes which might fire your imagination.
* Akashics (superpowered martial artists)
* Celestial Choristers (miracle-workers)
* Euthanatoi ("death magicians" dealing the Hand of Fate)
* Verbena (witches)
* Dreamspeakers (tribal shamans)
* The Cult of Ecstacy (dervishes who use altered states like pain, sex and drug highs)
* Hermetics (wizards)
* Sons of Aether (mad scientists)
* Virtual Adepts (who use information and computers)
* Technocrats (who currently rule the world)

Have a think about the techniques your PC might use to alter reality and what aspects of the universe s/he has control over:
* Time
* Forces
* Matter
* Life
* Mind
* Correspondence (distance, space and connection)
* Spirit (this includes other dimensions and the "souls" of objects)
* Entropy (fate, chaos, chance, death)
* Prime (ideal forms, concepts, magical energy and the fundamental building-blocks of reality)

If that's too boggling, then just give me an idea of the kind of things you think your PC can do (or will eventually be able to). And, of course, feel free to ask me anything you like about the game!



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