Mage: The Uncertainty

Second session? Second try?

Well, here we go again. What do we reckon for any of these dates?

  • Saturday October 10th: No AM
  • Saturday October 24th: AM
  • Sunday October 25th: AM
  • Saturday October 31st: AM
  • Sunday November 1st: AM

How would people feel about meeting during the week?

Alan: Well, as far as I’m concerned, If I’m around, anything from 24.10 is fine by me but there is a possibility that I will be away on all the dates from 24.10 – 1.11. Fear not though, because my absence could be explained as being the time during which my character has his life-changing time with a mysterious tribe in the heart of darkness. What ho!

Matt says: Surprisingly, I am free for all of those dates! And having a full day to play in would be better for me, I think, than trying to come over one night. I can’t remember if I ever actually statted my character up, but I’ll have a go in the next couple of weeks (or maybe if we get a chance during the gaming weekend?) and happily join this merry band of mayhem-makers.



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