Mage: The Uncertainty

Alternative dates

OK then. How are these dates (all Saturdays) for people…

  • November the 1st – Currently available: JC, Matt (possibly) and Joe.
  • November the 15th
  • November the 22nd
  • December the 6th ?

I can run this on another day of the week, of course, if we wanted to do shorter weekday sessions. Any suggestions?

Matt: Well, I may need to come back to you on the issue of the 18th – I’ll let you know asap.


November the 1st is currently the date of choice.

Alternative dates

OK, so November the 1st is no good for Martin. How about the other dates? How about the 15th November?

I would like to get at least one session in before the end of the year. Once we get into December people will have no time at the weekends at all, I’m guessing, so I may end up being less precious about getting every single person for every session…

Alternative dates

So how do people feel about November the 15th?

Alternative dates

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